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Wooden Wardrobes

Our common wardrobe design, that is now a familiar sight throughout the Kerala, has become one of the most functional and stylish products in the bedroom furniture range. However, wardrobes have not always been composed of the same sections as we see today. The original wardrobe designs resembled more of a chest of drawers style of furniture item and clothes were only able to be folded and placed in drawers rather than hung neatly on a rail.

The necessity of this product is impressive. However, with such a common and popular product comes an impressive range of styles, sizes, prices and designs, meaning you’re sure to find the perfect look for your room.

Nowadays, there are many different styles of wardrobes on the market, from a standard double wardrobe with one rail on which to hang your clothes, as well as a more glamorous and overall more luxurious walk in wardrobe style. This walk-in wardrobe style is often only found in large and wealthy homes as it requires a great deal of space. The wardrobe is in fact very similar to a small room with many different rails placed around the walls of the room. There are also often different storage boxes and drawers accompanying the rails as well as many mirrors and soft lighting.



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